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Automotive Industry

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As your global partner for testing and certification in the automotive industry, Eurofins helps ensure your products comply with laws and regulations. Modern cars are equipped with noise shielding entertainment systems, wireless voice and digital communications, anti-lock braking systems, satellite navigation and multi-channel sound systems. Because it is necessary to ensure operation of all internal equipment in a variety of environments during the life cycle of the automobile, there exist potential interference problems.Since the early 1990s, standards bodies have used EMC standards to reduce potential problems. In Europe, the new directive became part of the revised European car-type vehicle certification, detailing e-marking requirements for the automotive industry.

Eurofins is recognized by the German "Federal Motor Transport Authority," and can not only provide the automotive industry with a wide range of testing, inspection and consulting services, but also can perform cabin air quality and other tests according to the ROHS Directive. At the same time, we can also provide customized testing services according to customer needs.