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China is the world's largest exporter of lighting products. The lighting industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and the global market for lighting products is expanding at an accelerating rate. Companies will need to continue to innovate in order to maintain their market position. Eurofins possesses seasoned industry experts, extensive knowledge and experience of the lighting industry, and an in-depth knowledge of requirements and specifications for lighting and related products which can help you succeed in a competitive marketplace. We provide the following product safety, performance and performance-related testing and certification and consulting services.

With the push for environmental protection worldwide, energy consumption requirements for the lighting industry are becoming increasingly strict. Low-energy lighting products are the future, and energy efficiency stands to become the main point of competition. Eurofins possesses complete lighting energy consumption laboratories, and can provide customers with energy consumption testing for energy-saving, LED and directionless lighting.

Lighting types:

  • Fixed Lighting
  • Hand-held lighting
  • Nightlights
  • LED drivers
  • Portable lighting
  • Signal lighting
  • Embedded lighting
  • Lamp holders
  • Christmas lights
  • Energy-saving lighting
  • ectifiers
  • Other lighting related products