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Explosion Proof Testing

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ATmosphères Explosibles. ATEX

Explosion Proof Directive, referred to as ATEX Directive or ATEX Directive Summary: concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, Equipment explosive atmospheres Directive Name: Directive 94/9/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 March 1994 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

When the ATEX Directive came into force, previous rules and regulations regarding such products were abolished. Thus, from July 1st, 2003, products not meeting the ATEX Directive are prohibited from entering the market. In summary, application of the directive has the following three prerequisites:

1. The Equipment must possess its own ignition device

2. It is expected to be used in potentially explosive environments (air mixtures)

3, It is to be used under normal atmospheric conditions

Equipment and protective systems used outside the hazardous area but which contributes to safety in the hazardous area (sometimes known as associated equipment) is also covered.Installation of equipment according to the ATEX 94/9/EC directive is divided into three categories by level of protection

Category 1 - Very high level of protection

Category 2 - High level of protection

Category 3 - Normal level of protection

Eurofins can design testing plans for manufacturers and importers, aiding them in understanding the standards their products need to meet and the testing associated. Upon passing the conformity assessment, a CE certificate will be issued. Explosion proof products protection methods and standards are provided for reference.

 Protection Method/Product Category  China Standard & European/International Electrotechnical Commission standard
General Requirements  GB3836.1
IEC / EN 60079-0 
Flameproof Ex d   GB3836.2
IEC / EN 60079-1
 Pressurized Ex p GB3836.5
IEC / EN 60079-2 
 Powder FillingEx q  GB3836.7
IEC / EN 60079-5
Oil Immersion Ex o   GB3836.6
IEC / EN 60079-6
Encapsulation Ex m   GB3836.9
IEC / EN 60079-18
 Increased Safety Ex e  GB3836.3
IEC / EN 60079-7
Non-sparking Ex n   GB3836.8
IEC / EN 60079-15
 Intrinsic Safety Ex i  GB3836.4
IEC / EN 60079-1
Combustible Dust Ex tD GB3836.1
IEC / EN 61241-0 IEC / EN 61241-1
Equipment Repair GB3836.13
IEC / EN 60079-19