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Personal Protective Equipment Testing

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Personal protective equipment is mainly used to protect employees from exposure to chemicals, radiation, electrical equipment, human powered equipment, machinery or serious injury or disease in certain dangerous workplaces. Asides from masks, safety glasses, safety shoes, personal protective equipment also includes respiratory protective equipment, protective clothing, helmets, goggles, hearing protection (ear plugs), safety gloves, safety shoes, respirators and safety belts. In Europe, the applicable EU directive is 89/686/EEC (PPE), where it is one of many mandatory CE certifications.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Classification

Class 1 PPE: the designer produces a simple model to prove that users can assess the necessary level of protection to minimize risks, and when the risk grows, the user can make safe judgments in a timely manner;

Class 2 PPE: not inclusive of other personal protection equipment in Class 0, Class 1 and Class 3. Personal protective equipment which upon issuance of an EC type approval certificate can sold on the market;

Class 3 PPE: complex personal protective equipment. PPE designed to prevent such fatal or serious and irreversible harm to health risks.

Designers assume that users do not have time to determine the direct consequences of said risks. This class of PPE may be sold on the market after issuance of an EC type approval certificate. Later, an authority will verify the production process.

Eurofins Services

Eurofins is a European Union approved Notified Body that can provide testing and certification for personal protective equipment. We are able to provide EC testing and production quality control systems for the following products (supervision of the production process ensures the final product is in line with EU quality control system):

  • General protection equipment
  • Head protection equipment
  • Hearing protection devices
  • Respiratory protective equipment
  • Specialty products: motorcycle rider protective clothing, respiratory protective equipment for diving