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Timber Regulation

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On March 3, 2013, the EU Regulation n.995/2010 known as "Timber Regulation" came into force. It is described as "due diligence" aimed to contrast the illegal logging of wood and derived products.

The Regulation applies to wood and related products, encompassing most of those commercialized in the European Union Market. Wood and related products that have completed their life cycle and are considered as waste, as well as other kinds of products such as chairs, toys, tools etc. are not included regulation's application.

Eurofins can offer qualified services to Clients as follows:

  1. Pre-Analysis (check whether the product/s fall within the field of application, verify if the Client is considered as an Operator/Trader);
  2. Identification of Information needed to permit the Risk assessment;
  3. Support during the phase of collecting Information and Legal framework in some Countries;
  4. Risk assessment and planning of the "due diligence";
  5. Mitigation actions after the risk assessment (e.g. additional information and documents, auditing to suppliers).