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Clothing Accessories

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As an integral part of clothing, accessories, including clothing material, have a direct impact on clothing's quality and class. In recent years, with the prosperous development of the clothing market, the functionality and safety of clothing accessories are increasingly the focus of consumer attention. In accordance with various testing standards, Eurofins will provide you with professional textile testing, consulting, and complete solutions to quickly establish your brand and enter your target markets.

Accessory Classification:

  • Buttons: Plastic Buttons, Metal Buttons, Buttons of Natural Materials (Wood, Shells, Rocks).
  • Zippers: Plastic Zippers, Nylon Zippers, Resin Zippers, Metal Zippers.
  • Tags: Brand, Cleaning Labels, Composition Labels.
  • Cords: String, Lace, Elastic, Velcro, Metal Chains.
  • Jewelry: Hotfix Rhinestone, Beads, Silkscreens, Ribbons.