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Toy Testing

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Eurofins Shanghai laboratory is equipped with cutting edge equipment and employs technical toy testing experience with global resources to provide comprehensive services for all toys. Global consumers and toy buyers are ever more concerned about whether or not a toy meets the safety standards before purchase, which increases challenges faced by the toy industry. Our mission is to better serve domestic customers, and help provide clients around the world with fast local support.

Eurofins Toy Industry Services

Physical and mechanical testing
Electromagnetic compatibility testing
Fire Testing
Food Contamination Testing
Acoustic testing
Chemical Testing
Materials Testing
Toxicology testing
Microbiological testing
Electronic Testing

Eurofins Available Testing Standards

  • EN71-1 Mechanical and physical properties
  • 2002/61/EC Restriction of dangerous substances
  • EN71-2 Flammability(azocolorants)
  • EN71-3-Migration of certain elements
  • 94/27/EC of Directive restricting of the use of Nickel
  • EN71-4 Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities
  • 91/338/EC Directive limiting the use of Cadmium
  • EN71-5 Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
  • REACH Chemical registration, evaluation and licensing rules
  • EN71-7 Finger paints - Requirements and test methods
  • 91/173/EEC, 1999/51/EC Directive Pentachlorophenol
  • EN71-8 Swings, slides, and similar activity toys for indoor and
  • 1999/5/EC (R & TTE) European Wireless and
  • outdoor family domestic use
  • Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive
  • EN71-9/10/11 Organic chemical compounds
  • RoHS Directive
  • EN62115 Electric toys - safety
  • 2006/66/EC refers to the European Union batteries and
  • EMC EMC Directive
  • accumulators
  • 2005/84/EC Phthalates
  • 2002/96/EC EU Reporting fee on Waste Electrical and
  • 2003/03/EC European Directive to restrict the blue azo dyes
  • Electronic Equipment
  • 89/677/EEC, 1999/51/EC organic tin (TBT) compounds directive
  • 79/663/EC, 83/264/EEC, 2003/11/EC directive to restrict dual-
  • 1994/62/EC Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive
  • use brominated flame retardants
United States
  • CPSC 16 CFR Part 16 United States Code of Federal
  • LHAMA U.S. Label of Hazardous Art Materials Act
  • Regulations
  • CONEG Packaging method
  • ASTM F963 Toy Safety
  • California Proposition 65
  • 45 CFR 15 U.S. Federal Communications Commission
  • CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • requirement for wireless products (EMC)
Australia / New Zealand
  • AS / NZS ISO 8124.1: Physical and mechanical properties
  • AS / NZS ISO 8124.2: Flammability
  • AS / NZS ISO 8124.3: Migration of certain elements
  • AS ISO 8124.4: Experimental setup of chemical and related activities
  • AS ISO 8124.5: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
  • AS ISO 8124.7: Finger paints - Requirements and test methods
International standard
  • ISO 8124-1: Mechanical and physical properties
  • ISO 8124-2: Flammability
  • ISO 8124-3: Migration of certain elements
  • GB 6675 National Safety Technical Code for Toys
  • GB 19865 Electrical safety of toys