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MET - US Authoritative Organisation of Product Safety Organisations

MET was established in Maryland, and it is the first Laboratory accredited by OSHA as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the U.S. MET has outstanding performance and reputation for the development of product testing technology and certification standards. In half a century, MET has become a leading brand of high-tech product certification in North America. Meanwhile, the consumer electrical and electronic products with the MET certification mark are widely accepted in North America by a number of well-known retailers, more than 10,000 stores are selling products with MET certification mark.

SAA Standards Australia International Limited

SAA (Standards Australia International Limited) is the only certification body in Australia. Australia and New Zealand implemented the harmonization of standards and mutual recognition of certification, Product certified in one country can be sold in the other country.

China Toy & Juvenile Product Association

China Toy Association, founded in 1986, is China's only national community organization for toy industry. Not only is CTA designated by the Government of China as the sole legitimate representative in the International Council of Toy Industries, they are also the representative for China's toy industry recognized by the government, business, media and consumers. On June 24, 2011, CTA officially changed its name to China Toy & Juvenile Product Association.

IMP-EXP Executive Magazine

Imp-Exp Executive Magazine was founded in 1988 which has a history of over 20 years. Articles are co-sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Branch of CCPIT, China Electronic Information Industry Sub-Council of CCPIT and China Machinery Industry Information Institute, which are published in both domestic and overseas market. It is the family member of "mechanic media" and the only business monthly in the area of economics, that turns trade practices of foreign trade and market analysis into the core business issue.

 BIE Group

Founded in 1934, B.I.E. has become a market leader specialising in quality control and manpower services to the hydrocarbons, power, minerals and metals, infrastructure, and engineering sectors. The B.I.E. Group operates globally through six principal offices in the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Italy and the Netherlands and has representative offices also in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Brazil and U.A.E.