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Sensory Consumer and Product Research

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Eurofins Sensory Consumer and Product Research Team - Who are we?

The Eurofins Sensory Consumer and Product Research Lab Shanghai is your first Sensory Analysis partner in China.

With a solid Sensory analysis Community based in Europe (France, Italy, Spain and Germany), Eurofins has a rich experience in Sensory Consumer and Product Research. The new Sensory Consumer and Product Research Lab in Shanghai specialises in connecting the best of both worlds and enables you to adapt your products to the local Chinese market.

The Shanghai team is led by Mr. Song Sheng, Eurofins Sensory Consumer and Product Research General Manager who studied at the University of Burgundy in France. The lab offers professional consumer insight, sensory analysis and consultancy in the food and beverage industry. Besides food and beverage, Eurofins is also experienced in applied Sensory Analysis to cosmetics, textiles and fragrances.


Eurofins Sensory Consumer and Product Research

What is it?

Sensory Analysis can be defined as in-depth understanding of a product's organoleptic quality by relying consumers for sensory analysis to obtain quantifiable and objective data. Consumer sensing experiences (sight, smell, taste, hearing and touching ability) are combined with psychological, physiological and statistic measurements in order to test your products.

How can Sensory Analysis benefit you?

Sensory Analysis helps enterprises to accurately and quickly grasp consumer perceptions and needs. Eurofins aims to better meet your customer's needs and improving your market competitiveness. Sensory Analysis provides relevant and specific solutions for optimising your product.


Our Marketing and Sensory Consumer and Product Research Solutions

If you plan an entry into the Chinese market, Eurofins can assist you at every stage starting with research information.  The company can investigate your suppliers and finished products by creating a sensory profile, consumer insight, preference and difference tests. Additionally, Eurofins also offers Sensory training and consultancy services.

Sensory profile

The sensory profile is used to identify and describe sensory properties of different products in a quantitative and objective way to provide you with

  • Sensory  characteristics  of  your product
  • Positioning of your products in a competitive  environment
  • Targeting of the right customer segment

Consumer tests

Consumer tests are used to identify consumer preferences and target the right end-users for your products. Eurofins offers analysis to discover the strong and weak points of your goods. Consumer sensory studies can be performed additionally to understand customer's decisions on purchasing re-purchasing.

Preference mapping

Preference mapping is a method that combines consumer tests and a sensory profile. It is used to explore and understand consumer preferences. Eurofins will allow you to predict your customer's behaviour and acceptance of a given product.

Difference tests

Difference tests identify differences or similarities between products. Eurofins helps you to recognise potential product issues and supports you in providing better services to your customers.


Besides high-quality research, Eurofins also offers customised training courses and workshops to sharpen your customer knowledge. Sensory analysis courses and workshops are designed to facilitate and empower professionals to strengthen consumer-product relationships. Courses are typically given to R&D, Marketing Quality departments, as well as universities and research centres. 


Eurofins consulting services enable you to make successful decisions on innovative product development, quality assurance and targeting the right customers within the Chinese market.


Eurofins Sensory Consumer and Product Research

Our technical skills

Eurofins experts in the sensory analysis are trained to perform research studies for the Chinese market population that can support the development of your projects. Sensory analysis plays a major part in all R&D, Quality and Marketing processes by

  • Identifying your target customer preferences
  • Analysing competitor products
  • Adapting and creating new ideas and new products

 Our strengths

  • Customised solutions-Bridge between China and Europe,professional team specialised in both Western as Chinese working environments
  • Expertise-Innovative services by working closely with specialised Eurofins Sensory Labs in Europe and external credible partners all over South East Asia (China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and others)
  • Extensive customer base - More than 10,000 customers in Shanghai
  • Quality of results-Highly developed Research and Development, certified with ISO 300 M2, lab equipped with Focus Group Discussion (FGD) room and 12 booths
  • Relevant and targeted support-Know-how of local Chinese market needs

Our scope

Eurofins Sensory Analysis is applicable to various industries where a high level of interaction between products and the consumers is essential. Eurofins Sensory Analysis in Shanghai is active in several industries such as

  • Food industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Domestic appliances industry
  • Fragrance industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Textile industry


Contact us

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Phone: +86-21-62863878

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