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Consumer Products Inspection Services in China

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Internationally, inspection services have become common practice. "Inspection service" refers to a request for inspecting the quality of delivered goods with regard to the purchase and sale contracts on behalf of a principal or the buyers. The purpose of inspection is to examine whether supplied goods meet the terms of the purchase and sale contracts as well as the buyer's other requirements. In the import and export trade, inspection services are also known as notarization inspections or export inspections.

The role of inspection  services


  • Avoid delivery delays and product defects, and take emergency and remedial measures at the first opportunity
  • Reduce or avoid consumer complaints from receiving defective products, decrease returns and exchanges, and eliminate loss of business reputation
  • Mitigate customer compensation costs resulting from sale of poor quality products
  • Verify the quality and quantity of goods to avoid contract disputes
  • Compare and choose the best supplier, receive information and advice
  • Reduce the expenses from high management fees and labor costs of monitoring and quality inspection

Eurofins inspection services

  1. Pre-production inspection: random sampling, inspection of raw materials, primary processed products and parts
  2. Inspect the production process: inspect semi-finished products or finished products fresh off the assembly line
  3. Sampling prior to delivery of finished products: after production and packaging but before delivery (usually 100% of the produced, 80% of the packaged; ratio can be adjusted according to customer needs), perform inspection of functionality, quality, safety, and packaging.
  4. Supervision of shipping: After final sampling, either at the factory, warehouse, or during the shipping process, aid manufacturers in confirming whether packaging meets cleanliness and packaging requirements.