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For electrical and electronics products, electromagnetic compatibility is a very important technical target. EMC phenomena includes electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic harassment, noise immunity, and electromagnetic interference. It is not only related to the safety and reliability of the product itself, but also the protection of the electromagnetic environment. Thus, EMC requirements are a very important condition for the entrance of products into the international market.

Eurofins provides a wide range of EMC testing services in laboratories around the world, including household and commercial appliances, HVAC equipment, lighting, IT, audio/video and power supply products, medical products, automotive electrical products, industrial machinery and equipment, IT equipment, equipment for hazardous locations. From laboratory equipment/measurement devices, and wireless communications, to machinery stations. We have the most advanced testing equipment, including, open area test equipment, anechoic laboratories, and shielded rooms. Our laboratory in Germany has received accreditation from both DaTech and A2LA, and is an approved EMC Notified body of the German Federal Network Agency. Meanwhile, the Eurofins has established a local Chinese laboratory (see Figure), with local senior EMC experts able to design custom tailored EMC test solutions, providing fast, efficient, and professional service. Should you encounter problems during product testing, we also provide debugging services to help you quickly pass through testing and achieve certification.

Our EMC Services

  • U.S.: FCC Part 2.962 of 47 CFR
  • Canada: All Radio Standards Specifications (RSS) and Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standards (BETS) in the Category 1
  • Equipment Standards List
  • EU: CE-EMC, in accordance with Directive 2004/108/EC
  • Australia: C-tick
  • Japan: VCCI