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Performance Testing

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In today's market, with an ever increasing number of products to choose from, it is more difficult than ever for a manufacturer to attract a consumer's attention. How do you make your product more competitive and let users realize that it is "the best"? Obviously third-party performance testing is an effective way. Through Eurofins' services, you can double check internal testing data, develop more competitive products, and win market opportunities, proving to both buyers and users that your product is indeed the best!.

Performance testing is different from product safety testing; it is more focused on product performance, availability and value, and testing is entirely based around the purpose and usage model of the product, which is dependent entirely on the manufacturer's and the buyer's wishes. Eurofins can provide you with product performance testing to assess why your product is superior to its competitors, allowing you to make the most appealing sales pitch.

Eurofins possesses numerous performance testing laboratories equipped with advanced equipment, which along with years of experience in the field of performance testing, allow us to custom tailor to your testing needs. We can also provide testing in line with national, international or industry standards tests, including:.

  • Electrical and mechanical cycles, fatigue, wear, hot/cold testing
  • Longevity and durability
  • HVAC refrigeration energy efficiency testing
  • Energy consumption of lighting, appliances, power tools and other products
  • Noise
  • Vibration