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Laboratory Services

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Our Laboratory Services Portfolio

Eurofins BioPharma Services, Laboratory Testing is a full service global organization with dedicated testing facilities for Early Clinical Development, Central Laboratory Services, Bioanalytical Services, Virology and Immunology Testing Services, Anatomic Pathology and Genomics Services.  As a division of the Eurofins Scientific Group, our sole and only focus is clinical laboratory analysis.  We deploy 6 wholly-owned dedicated testing facilities for Central Laboratory Services and both Large and Small Molecule Bioanalytical Services. 

Central Laboratories are located in Lancaster, PA, USA, Breda, the Netherlands, Singapore and Shanghai, China. We deploy a Support Office in India and 3 Kit Manufacturing and Distribution facilities in the USA, Europe and China. Bioanalytical Services laboratories are located in St. Charles, MO, USA, and Vergèze, France

With Eurofins Central Laboratory acting as the hub, in a hub and spoke model, Clients will have access to all specialized divisions within the Eurofins BioPharma Services Group.  This includes standalone divisions focused on Anatomical Pathology, Genomics, Virology and Immunology Testing Services, Bioanalytical Services and the Eurofins Phase 1 unit.  In support of full service, central laboratory contracts, Eurofins will be providing access to all these units of specialization with single source contracting and invoicing for our Clients.

With over 800 laboratories globally in the Eurofins Group, we feel we don’t have any geographic limitations, and through research and development and acquisitions, the Group draws on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology and analytical chemistry to offer its clients unique analytical solutions and the most comprehensive range of testing methods, and global coverage where needed.

Specific to Eurofins Central Laboratory, we currently support clinical trials in 75 countries on all continents, and support an additional 10 countries by providing Kit Packing and Distribution Services for Commercial DNA Testing.

Eurofins Central Laboratory has been operating a wholly owned Central Laboratory Testing Facility in China since April 2008 to allow in-country testing in support of Chinese Clinical Trials as well as to support Global Studies that incorporate Chinese subjects.