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Investigator Services

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Focus on People

In clinical trials, it’s all about combining the Sponsors’ aim to improve the health of humans with the applicable regulatory agencies job of assessing the new drug compound for safety and efficacy. The investigator site is the starting point in the chain where clinical data is being generated to support the drug approval process. Eurofins Central Laboratory is focused and dedicated to fully support the processes at investigator sites, demonstrating the utmost respect for all individuals participating in clinical trials.

Eurofins Central Laboratory offers 24-hour support to investigator sites all over the world. Our Investigator Services Centers are strategically located in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Eurofins Central Laboratory's Investigator Services Centers are managed globally and use the same interconnected IT system for administration, monitoring and trend analysis of queries. The Investigator Services staff members actively contact investigator sites to resolve any queries, inconsistency or missing information.

In addition, the Investigator Services Centers support investigator sites to resolve questions with regard to specimen collection kits, shipping materials, instructions, resupplies, transport and tier 1 level support for Eurofins Central Laboratory IT Tools [EzRF, Fetch, Fetch Mobile]. 

By deploying Investigator Support Services in 3 different geographical areas - USA, Europe and Asia- we offer around-the-clock Site Support:

Monday to Friday:
24 hours a day

Saturday to Sunday:
8 AM to 8 PM [Central European Time]


Our Investigator Services Helpdesk can be reached by email or phone numbers: 


CHINA TOLL FREE 800 819 2435
CHINA NON TOLL FREE +86 216 181 7507 


Local languages that are supported by our investigator helpdesks include:

UNITED STATES (supporting AMERICAS) – English, Spanish
EUROPE – English, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish
INDIA – English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, French, Russian
SINGAPORE – English, Mandarin, Malay
CHINA – Mandarin, English