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Pharma Logistics

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Global Coverage

By utilizing our wholly-owned, harmonized laboratory facilities in the United States, Europe, Singapore and China, Eurofins Central Laboratory is able to accommodate clinical trials of any nature, size or complexity. With the increasing number of study protocols that involve a variety of esoteric testing, such as therapeutic drug monitoring, it is of pivotal importance to use globally standardized laboratory facilities that are situated close to the patients.

The global footprint of Eurofins Central Laboratory ensures specimen integrity, optimal turnaround time for results, manageability of the logistic processes and control over associated costs.

Global Logistics System

Eurofins Central Laboratory has a full global logistics system in place to transport samples. This system is supported by a customized track-and-trace system, ensuring quality, monitoring the conditions of the samples, and allowing direct tracing of shipments of clinical lab supplies from our Kit Packing facilities to investigator sites, sample shipments from sites to Eurofins Central Laboratory testing facilities as well as from sites to third party laboratories [when booked on a Eurofins Central Laboratory Account number].

Every year, Eurofins Central Laboratory produces and ships greater than 1 million specimen collection and transportation kits to investigator sites all over the world.

To facilitate ambient, cooled and dry ice transportation of this volume of human specimens back to the central laboratory, Eurofins utilizes preferred couriers which offer the best case scenario selected based on the country in question and service being performed. By using a limited number of couriers, we achieve greater operational efficiency and maximize volume discounts for the benefit of our customers.

Furthermore, by deploying just one universal, logistic operating procedure, regardless of the specific laboratory testing requirements, we are able to significantly lessen the burden placed on investigators and research nurses.

Preferred Couriers


UPS [Canada], FedEx [USA] [weekday services]

Marken [weekend services]


Ocasa [weekday and weekend services]


DHL and TNT [weekday services]

MNX [weekend services]


DHL and TNT [weekday services]

Marken, PDP and Ocasa [weekend services]

QuickStat [weekday and weekend services]


PDP [weekday and weekend services]


Marken [weekday and weekend services]

PDP [weekday and weekend services]