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Quality Policy and Objectives

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1 Quality Policy
Impartial Behavior Normative Methods
Accurate Results Efficient Service

The Instruction for Quality Policy
1.1 Impartial Behavior
The laboratory shall carry out inspection and testing work in a fair and impartial manner and treat all customers with a responsible and neutral attitude.

1.2 Normative Methods
The laboratory shall comply with related national laws and regulations and use the national or international standard as testing reference.

1.3 Accurate Results
The laboratory shall use advanced equipment and follow the quality system to ensure the accuracy of test results.

1.4 Efficient Service
The company shall take customer satisfaction as the purpose and customer demand as the focus, keep improving the quality and efficiency of service.

2 Quality Objective
2.1 Overall Quality Objective
Establish and maintain the management system complying with competence assessment general requirements and accreditation criteria, standardize testing process, and continuously improve the company to forward it as an independent third-party laboratory satisfying the customers with advanced technology.

2.2 Basic Quality Objectives
2.2.1 Satisfy the customers through high quality service and products (test results reports) as well as acceptable cost/benefit relationship.

2.2.2 Achieve the economic benefit of the company.

2.2.3 Adopt proper measures to reduce the cost of working process under the condition that without invalidating developed test procedures and assuring test quality.

2.2.4 Train and retain staff to arouse staff`s initiative and continuously improve staff`s theoretical knowledge and practical ability of staff.

2.2.5 Protect the staff.

2.2.6 Protect environment and resources.

2.3 Quantitative Quality Goals
Customer justified complaint rate ≤ 0.15%.

TAT-R ≥ 95%.

Besides the basic quality objectives mentioned, above for the purpose of continuous improvement, the company also keeps on setting up measurable staged objectives and takes appropriate measures to accomplish them and review the results achieves by the company.

3 Commitment of Management
The company dedicates to its commitment: strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, spare no effort to ensure a thorough implementation of the preceding quality policies and objectives; establish the quality management system in conformity with Criteria for Qualification Recognition and Evaluation of Inspection and Testing Institutions (State Administration of Market Regulation [2023] No. 21), Qualification Certification Requirements for Food Inspection Institutions (Food and Drug Administration [2016] No 106), RB/T 214-2017 Competence assessment for inspection body and laboratory mandatory approval- General requirements for inspection body and laboratory, CNAS-CL01:2018 Accreditation criteria for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, implement it continuously and effectively; carry out work in line with relevant systems, procedures, methods and rules; enhance the quality of personnel and testing competence; provide objective and accurate test services for the customers pursuant to equity and integrity.


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