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Pesticide Residue

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Pesticide testing is now a main focus of our Suzhou lab. All tests are awarded ISO 17025 status by the German accreditation body DAkks. As we use state of the art technology in our labs, our quality standards completely fulfill the European standards. The team started as satellite laboratory to Dr. Specht in 2008 and received a Dr. Specht accreditation proving the capability of highest level pesticide analysis.

Our screening methods test for more than 500 substances employing  easurement modules LC-MS/MS and GC/MS. Confirmation of compounds is carried out by means of GC/FPD and GC/ECD.

Depending on your sample matrix we can offer you tailor made solutions:

  • Fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, cereals by Quechers (EN 15662)
  • Tea and tea leaves by both GPC/SPE clean up and Quechers method
  • Complex matrices like spices or dried powders by GPC clean up
  • Samples with significant fat content like seeds or soy beans by GPC clean up
  • Pure fats and oils by GPC clean up

Our screening portfolio is completed by single/group methods such as inorganic bromide, dithiocarbamates, PCBs, surface conserving pesticides and chlormequat/mepiquat.

On request we can offer a rush service meeting your requirement of a shorten turn around time. Usually we can deliver an analytical result within seven calendar days. Opinions on the analytical result according to European regulation EU 396/2005 support you to evaluate the marketability of your product in the European Union.

Our laboratories constantly invest in R&D to develop and validate new analytical methods. We also keep a close eye, on a daily basis, on scientific developments and changes to national and international legislation. Please do not hesitate to contact: our branch office.