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Meat speciation testing

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Adulteration and authenticity of meat products have been making the headlines with horse and pig meat found in UK and Irish beef products and now in several other countries. The EU Commission initiated an EU-wide program of control measures including random control of processed beef products for foreign DNA as well as analysis of residues of the veterinary drug phenylbutazone ("bute"). Horses that have been treated with the drug phenylbutazone are not allowed to enter the food chain.

Eurofins has been pioneering DNA-based analytical technologies for meat testing using innovative protocols to improve the safety and authenticity of our clients' food products for over 10 years. Contact us : 400 828 5088 or .

Eurofins offers several accredited specialist services for meat species testing:

  • Semi-quantitative DNA species testing by means of Real-Time PCR, and confirmation by DNA sequencing
  • Qualitative DNA species testing by means of Real-Time PCR
  • ELISA tests - screening test that may not be suitable for all matrices and processing levels

The selective and sensitive detection of phenylbutazone is achieved using Tandem-LC-MS. This is just one of the many Veterinary Drug Residues Eurofins is able to test for in its Competence Centre for Vetinary Drug Residue testing.

Eurofins is currently the only international laboratory network capable of performing all ISO 17025 accredited DNA detection of both horsemeat and of phenylbutazone, and potential presence of many other species and a comprehensive range of veterinary drugs and contaminants.

Eurofins molecular biology offer includes also fish species determination and Eurofins TAG™ - a traceability system that allows the tracing of meat back to an individual animal. Eurofins TAG™ is a simple and low-cost method that has proven its effectiveness in a large trial involving over 14,000 animals.

For more information, please contact us : 400 828 5088 or .